Episodes audio

Episode 1 - Carl Bridgewater


 13 year old paperboy, Carl Bridgewater, was shot in the head while delivering a newspaper to Yew Tree Farm. It is believed he had disturbed a robbery, his killer has never been found....


Episode 2 - Arthur Hutchinson


 Arthur Hutchinson brutally murdered the 3 members of the Laitnor family in their home following their daughters wedding, only one of the family survived.....


Episode 3 - Melanie Road

In 1984, Melanie Road left a Bath nightclub and started her journey home, a journey that should have

Melanie Road left a Bath nightclub and started her journey home, a journey that should have only taken 10 minutes, she never made it home, she was was brutally raped and murdered and dumped 200 yards from her home..... episodes audio


Episode 4 - Rebecca Aylward


Teenager Rebecca Aylward was lured into the woods by her ex-boyfriend and brutally murdered....she was hit over the bacl of her head with a rock the size of a rugby ball. Her body was then covered in leaves and left..... episodes audio


Episode 5 - Sasha Marsden


Sasha took a job as a cleaner in a seaside hotel, her "boss" had lured her there to have sex with her, when she refused she was brutally killed then her body dumped into a bin and set fire to..... audio episodes


Episode 6 - Colette Aram


 16 year old Colette set off to walk to her boyfriends house, she never made it. The following morning, her body was found in a field, she had been raped then strangled. It took over 25 years for her killer to be caught... 


Episode 7 - Kate Knight


On their 7th wedding anniversary, Kate prepared a meal for her husband Lee, with the meal she also gave him a lethal cocktail of red wine mixed with anti-freeze. She was in a lot of debt so killing her husband was the easiest way out, she stood to inherit all of his money.... episodes audio


Episode 8 - Jessica Patel


This is the 1st of a 2 part story of Jessica Patel, she was strangled, had a bag put over her head then tied up with duct tape by her husband Mitesh. He was having an affair with a man and had planned to kill Jess to start a new life with his lover in Australia...... episodes audio


Episode 9 - Natalie Saunders


33 year old Natalie was strangled to death after being struck with over 70 separate blows by her partner of only 6 weeks...Natalie had suffered domestic abuse through most of her adult life, it was this abuse that lead to her brutal killing... episodes audio


Episode 10 - Teresa De Simone


In 1979, Teresa left the pub she worked in to go to a nightclub with a friend, the following morning her body was found in her car, she had been raped and strangled with her own necklace...