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On the podcast I'll be covering all types of true crime; murders, solved and unsolved, kidnapping, miscarriage of justice etc. I'll cover lesser known crimes, also covering the more famous crimes but hopefully from a different angle

You'll hear about the most evil crimes committed by the most evil minds, all of them true

New episode's will be released every Wednesday so come and join me on the true crime adventure

All show notes will be published after each episode, you can see them by clicking on Podcast Episodes

I would really appreciate your feedback and support for each episode, please leave a review on APPLE PODCAST for the episodes (good or bad) or contact me by Email, Facebook or Twitter (links below) or click on Contact Us, this helps me to improve the shows and makes it better for you to listen to

I will, where possible, be heading over to the evilmindspod Facebook page straight after each episode for a discussion, I hope you'll join me

Finally, I really hope you enjoy the episodes as much as I enjoy making them

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